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Talented People’s Live Sessions on Facebook are informal, informative and inspiring sessions with industry leaders and clients of Talented People who have all given their time and ideas for free. They aim to provide useful advice, optimism & a sense of togetherness during uncertain times for content makers.

New sessions are announced weekely on our Facebook page and across all social platforms, so keep your eyes peeled and get involved…

TV & Branded Content: Where do the two worlds collide?

Join a an experienced Series Director and PD in a fascinating session about how the worlds of traditional TV and branded content both differ wildly, and are also very alike. Take away info on getting into branded, navigating the world of jargon, clients and agencies and structuring your CV to relate to both worlds.

Thanks to guests Paddy Hughes and Daniel Dempster.

From TV to Tesco: Inspiring Financial Survival Stories during Covid

Have you wondered how others are surviving financially? Considered trying to get other work but fearful of missing the TV boat when it chugs away again? In this session, a senior Edit Producer and junior Researcher share their inspiring stories about earning money in very different ways during Covid.

Guests: Helen Pratt & Chris Piper

Back in Studio: Sanitiser, Set Changes and Snacks

This session our guests, Gemma McAllister from STV Productions and Josephine Clark from Maidstone Studios, join us at the end of their first week shooting Catchphrase post lockdown. It’s ITV’s first (and possibly the very first) Ents show back since Covid ground everything to a halt… How different is it? What new procedures are in place? How much more is Covid protocol costing? What’s everyone eating?! Important stuff answered here.

Pitching in Pyjamas? Development during Covid

Three senior and very talented development heads from Pulse Films, Thames TV & Firecracker Films (who also happen to be lovely human beings) on this week’s live session. They will be sharing how the world of development has completely changed during Covid, talking to us about what the landscape is looking like and giving insider info about pitching in this climate. And of course revealing whether they still bother dressing up for commissioner Zoom meets…

Guests: Nelesh Dhand, Kirtsy Calvert-Ansari & Shona Baldwin


The Worst TV I Ever Made (and what I learnt from it)

Ever thought bosses were infallible? Or that all directors knew exactly what they were talking about? Come along to a refreshing and upbeat session to hear what mistakes these super successful guests have made over their careers, and what they learnt in the process.

Thanks to the excellent Dominique Walker, Faraz Osman and Matt Rudge.

Being Black in TV: In Our Own Words

A vital session discussing #BlackLivesMatter, being Black in the TV industry, and what positive action we can all take from here.

Thank you so much to Chitsi Kurangwa, Yemi Oyefuwa, Kobina Wood-Andoh and CJ Henry for sharing their stories in a brutally honest and open way. We can all do more!


Jobsharing in TV - Can It Really Work?

In such a subjective industry, can two people really seamlessly work as one in a creative role? And are employers prepared to ‘take the risk’?

Series Editor Naomi Callan, and jobshare Edit Producers Cath Marsden and Emily Davis talk openly to TP about their experiences and give practical advice about applying for and sharing one role in TV.

Inside the Edit: The Weird & Wonderful Edit Producer / Editor Relationship

The relationship between an editor and an edit producer in the cutting room is a peculiar one, isn’t it?

Whether you’re brand new to the edit, or have many hours until your belt, this is a fascinating insight with the industry’s top talent in post. Who’s in charge? How does it work? When doesn’t it work and what do you do?! Is the division of labour simply button pushing vs scripting?

Guests: SP / Senior Edit Producer Jo Woolf & Editor Paddy Lynas

The Making Of: Hospital - Fighting Covid 19

This Talented People Live Session is a privileged, behind-the-scenes look at BBC Two’s powerful documentary series special ‘Hospital: Fighting Covid-19’. Exec Producer Jackie Waldock talks about editorial and on the ground decisions & practicalities, and Head of Production Jo Taylor discloses how they managed the shoot safely and delivered from first access meeting to TX in 2 months.

How to Film & Deliver Quality Content during a Global Pandemic

How is anyone filming anything right now? Find out from two top industry names who have shot, edited and delivered fast turnaround films without compromising on quality during lockdown. 

From the practicalities of PPE, kit hire & travel, to the creative side of delivering compelling content quickly and safely, thank you to CEO & Exec Producer David Wise from Parable (C4 docs on How to Isolate & When Will Lockdown End?) and freelance Shooting PD Tom Jenner (Panorama films on CV-19) for giving up their time to share stories from the coalface.


Flexible working & diversity: Working in TV post Coronavirus

An honest account of the challenges of working in telly and what the workplace might look like in the future, with very honest, but also inspiring messages from our experienced guests.

Series Editor Emma Taylor Hill and Head of Development / ex C4 Diversity Exec Ramy El-Bergamy have plenty of personal anecdotes to share from across their impressive careers, as well as wisdom to impart about handling your work/life balance and potential confidence issues going forwards.

It's All About Access: Getting In & Getting On

Ever wondered what comes first – access or commission? How long it takes from first access negotiation to filming & delivery? David DeHaney from docs indie Proper Content and Producer/Director Rachel Harvie give specifics and advice on how to pull off delicate access series involving schools, hospitals and other institutions and well known companies.

Setting up an Indie: the Pros and Cons

In one of our most popular live sessions, Talented People talks candidly to MD of MiddleChild Productions David Sumnall, and Co-Founder/MD of Curious Films Dov Freedman about what it takes to set up your first indie, why they bit the bullet and all the pros and cons.

Warning: may contain slightly naughty language (and the best quote / advice of all the live sessions with it…)

Working with On-Screen Talent

In this very privileged live session, Talented People speaks to Arron Fellows, Exec Producer of Louis Theroux projects and Creative Director of their new production company, Mindhouse, and Joyce Trozzo, experienced Producer/Director and expert director of Stacey Dooley docs. Topics include nurturing relationships, collaborating with and directing high profile talent. 



High end Docs & Diversifying with Swan Films

MD of Swan Films, Joe Evans, and Series Director Christian Collerton talk to Talented People about how they’ve adapted their filming protocol and commissioner approaches during the Coronavirus crisis, as well as how they made the award-winning feature doc ‘The Last Igloo’ for BBC4.

The Making Of: Five Guys a Week

Talented People’s Kimberly Godbolt has a giggle with the makers of new Channel 4 dating series Five Guys a Week about creating a new hit format, casting it, and the logistics of pulling of a first series shot in contributor’s homes.

 Guests: Barnaby Coughlin, Head of Factual Entertainment at Label 1 and Helen Richards, Series Editor. 



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