Why people believe in us.


“Efficient, intuitive, collaborative and with a great network of contacts and deep industry knowledge, Talented People have become our go-to partners for the majority of production staffing needs.”

Simon Andreae

CEO, Fremantle UK

“Kimberly, Rosie and the team at Talented People have been an incredible resource for Voltage. They pick up on briefs quickly and work with a vast contact book and knowledge of the best talent in the industry for given roles. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services.”
Amanda Hibbitts

Head of Production, Voltage

“We highly rate Talented People. As a small but growing company ourselves, finding the right talent is crucial. TP are collaborative and have natural instinct – not just for who has the right skillset for a role, but for who would fit well into our team. They handle searches discreetly with professionalism and warmth.”

Dov Freedman

CEO & Founder, Curious Films

“We’ve found Talented People very helpful to work with. They are fast, responsive and have an excellent understanding of the needs of a production company and the roles within them. They are collaborative and good at assessing how people might fit within our teams.”

Alex Cooke

CEO, Renegade

“Talented People’s bespoke approach and unrivalled contacts book has allowed us to secure the best talent for our most important projects.

But collaborating with Kimberly and Rosie has proven to be far more than just staffing and recruitment – they have understood our company identity and ambitions – and helped us build an awesome, diverse and curious team.

Gold Wala’s growth story cannot be told without Talented People’s partnership. We can’t wait to see what exceptional talent they uncover and introduce us to next.”

Faraz Osman

MD, Gold Wala

“It made a huge a difference having Talented People’s help with finding a new Production Exec to join Spun Gold. They had great contacts and pulled together a fantastic shortlist very quickly – saved me hours and added huge value with their insight.”

Eleanor Bailey

Director of Operations

“Crewing up has become harder than ever so these are the guys that you want fighting your corner. Kimberly, Rosie and their team are quick to understand our needs and brilliant at only putting forward genuinely suitable candidates. Their insight into the industry and vast knowledge of the talent pool means you get fantastic added value whenever they carry out a search.”

Rob Butterfield

Director of Programmes, Ricochet

“The team at Talented People are incredible. They tirelessly search for just the right person for every role, but they also keep you constantly updated. They genuinely care as much about each search as you do! Their contacts with freelancers are extensive and they always get great results.”

Cal Turner

Head of Factual Entertainment, Naked

“We work with Talented People whenever we can – they always come back quickly with interesting, diverse candidates, meeting the needs of the series and what the Commissioning Editors are looking for. It is a pleasure working with them.”

Clare Sparks

Head of Production, MiddleChild

“The team at Talented People are incredible. They tirelessly search for just the right person for every role, but they also keep you constantly updated. They care as much about each search as I do! Their contacts with freelancers are extensive and they always get great results.”

Emma Lorenz

Deputy Creative Director, Wonderhood Studios


“I found Talented People an amazing resource as a freelancer…. Rosie and Kimberly provided invaluable insight from the wider perspective of talent managers and programme-makers. It really helped boost my confidence in making decisions that will help me reach my future goals in telly.”


Producer / Director

“Talented People is something the industry has been missing, it’s not only an Executive Search and staffing company, it’s been a platform for those who are not heard. I have not only been placed in a dream job role through Talented People, but I have had the pleasure to speak on their Facebook live sessions about a topic I am extremely passionate about. So for that, I am incredibly grateful and will always find time for such a great team. Thank you TP 👊🏾❤️“


Producer/Director, Branded & TV, London

“Talented People contacted me about two good opportunities for Production Managers. They were honest, straightforward and receptive to my questions. Although I had another offer on the table I decided to go with the company that TP introduced me to. The job is very busy but the company are very nice which makes all the difference in this world.”


Production Manager

“Talented People are a vital source of support, knowledge and expertise in an industry severely lacking in training and guidance. A joy to work with, they give invaluable advice for any TV freelancer!”


Producer/Director, London

Talented People is a lovely company with the best talent experts in the game. They’re also very good at bringing the freelance community together through their live sessions I’ve taken part in. When it comes to supporting freelancers’ careers, they’ve always been supportive of mine, and that I am truly grateful for.


Assistant Producer

“Rosie & Kimberly gave me great tips… Their patience and friendly manner really helped me to feel comfortable. A combination of their great advice and invaluable contacts gave me the opportunity to secure my first Shooting AP role on a primetime series.”


Assistant Producer