Talented People is proud to have launched The Imposter Club, the new industry podcast exploring the human side of working in TV, which has already reached #2 in the Apple career podcast charts.

Host Kimberly Godbolt, TV Director turned talent company co-founder of Talented People asks successful commissioners, producers & filmmakers to open up about their own moments of imposter syndrome, fear and failure to help us better understand and handle the ups and downs of our own creative career rollercoaster. High profile guests talk candidly to Kimberly about their toughest times and the absurd situations they’ve found themselves in, with big names such as Fatima Salaria, Phil Edgar-Jones and Olly Lambert stepping up to the mic to bare their creative soul and share coping mechanisms.

We know you will find The Imposter Club an inclusive and welcoming place, as well as glean useful tips for your career. So listen now on your usual podcast app and on the website here, where you can also sign up and contact the show.

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Meet The Imposters

This is a special live session featuring top guests from TP’s Imposter Club podcast, ex-commissioner and indie boss Fatima Salaria, award-winning Director Olly Lambert and Director of Sky Arts, once Big Brother boss, Phil Edgar Jones OBE. We go deeper into the themes of their podcast episodes, including fear of failure and the real imposter syndrome behind the successes, and take live questions from the audience about confidence issues, treading water and messing up. Watch out for some special cameo appearances from confidantes of our guests too!

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**As a proud champion of diversity and equity in production, Talented People takes positive action to reach and represent marginalised or under-represented groups in the industry – be that race, disability, sexuality, gender, socio-economic background or religion, or indeed any other personal circumstance we can encourage conversation to support to get the best talent into the right jobs without prejudice e.g. jobsharing / flexible working requirement.**

Let’s talk about flex: Is WFH going out of the window?

The creative industries are grappling with the right balance when it comes to flexible working – or is it just the bosses? What even is flexibility anyway?

TP’s guests discuss (Note Production Management guest couldn’t make the session last minute but we really wanted to hear the PM side and included questions from live viewers)

Thanks to: Exec Producer Belinda Cherrington, freelancers Hayley Sarian and Joshua Marshall, Coaches of Colour & Project 23 co-Founder Elaine dela Cruz and indie boss Jason Mitchell from The Connected Set.

2023: What’s this year got in store for TV & digital content makers?

Talented People hosts the first discussion of 2023, wondering what the year might have in store for us folk in the TV and digital content making game. Thanks to our guests: Chris Curtis, Editor at Broadcast; Pippa Considine, Associate Editor for Televisual; Sam Barcroft, founder of Creatorville; Helen Landeau, a freelance Line Producer and Sreya Biswas who is Head of Natural History for BBC Commissioning.

LGBTQ+ inclusivity in the creative workplace – are we doing enough?

Candid and uplifting session sharing personal experiences of working in content-making as someone who is LGBTQ+, and tangible action you can take to improve inclusivisity as an ally, whether you are a company, colleague or just a human.

Huge thanks to our guests: Anna Brent, Kit Morey, Lucy Powell, Amy Ruffell, Dean Webster.