Bring on the Freelancer Hubs

Wed 3 Jan 2024 | News | 0 comments

How to book onto a Freelancer Hub and what exactly are they? Joint MD of Talented People, Kimberly Godbolt explains.

It wasn’t long after Adeel Amini bared his soul to me on The Imposter Club podcast that we started talking about partnering up with a common goal – to make life better for freelancers in TV and content production😊

It made sense ethically – at TP we’ve been admirers and followers of the TV Mindset and Adeel’s other work striving for better working conditions and mental health practice behind the screens for a long time. As you know, responsible hiring and positive workplace culture is just our thing.  And in practical terms, TP has a very special network of people – that’s you – who we can speak directly to with our opportunities and ideas for career development.

So when Adeel came to us with his idea of free and accessible Freelancer Hubs across the UK, we were IN.

What could be better for this industry than helping freelancers, whether between gigs or remote working at home, to feel less alone? Honesty, sharing and connection is one of the main aims of TP’s podcast, The Imposter Club, as you know.

In December, we piloted the first Freelancer Hubs in London. Generously, Little Dot Studios and Hattrick donated their spaces for 50 freelancers to come and hang out for a few hours, co-work/job hunt and make a free cuppa in a warm place with warm vibes. Plus get some free CV tips from Talented People and other production companies’ Talent Managers who gave up their time for free.

I don’t need to tell you what a success it was. The attendees can…

“I left feeling energised” 🔥
“I’m back in the game” 🎮
“The best part was meeting like-minded creatives” 🤝
“It was awesome, I saw some old friends and met some new ones” 🕺
“This event was a real gift, thank you” 🎁
“Inspiring and uplifting, I’m thinking totally differently” 😀

And so, over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been beavering away to set up Freelancer Hubs across the country and have just announced dates in Glasgow, Manchester and London. With Wales, Bristol and hopefully Leeds on the way.

We hope we can keep the event completely free to anyone attending, to remove as many financial barriers as possible. It’s all put on for free – the venues don’t charge, we take on all the administrative work and cost with organising, ticketing, security and communication, as well as in-person talent manager time at the events, so if you’re in a position to support us in any way – whether it’s your expertise or your company’s funding, we’d always welcome it. We’d love to find a regular home to host fortnightly Hubs in each location – that’s the dream!

It’s such a privilege to work in this industry, but it’s a tough place to navigate alone. And everything’s better, together. So I hope to meet you at one of the Hubs soon 😊

Book your free Hub spot in London, Glasgow or Manchester via Talented People’s Eventbrite page and follow our socials (FB, LinkedIn, Insta, X) so you don’t miss new date drops. And don’t get FOMO – sign up to our ‘TP Together’ newsletter for freelancers for no-paywall industry news, job alerts and what to watch on TV, or our ‘In The Know’ newsletter for senior folk in hiring positions at production companies/broadcasters.

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