Behind the scenes of The Imposter Club – season 2 launch

Wed 6 Sep 2023 | The Imposter Club | 0 comments

Joint MD of TP Kimberly Godbolt ponders of the making of season two of The Imposter Club podcast. 

When I put the headphones on, I’m transported into ‘Podcast Me’. Which is kind of like ‘Director Me’ from the old days. I step into a bubble wearing that headset, where the rest of the world can wait and all I want to do is ask and listen, ask and listen for hours. Whilst thinking hard about whether I’m getting what the audience wants. What I want! And when I usually only have an hour with someone it’s a challenge, but if I have more, it’s a pain in the backside to edit. All these thoughts bouncing about, along with ‘are the levels ok’ and ‘Tesco better not turn up early today’. 

The idea to make a podcast for you to benefit from in your career was a no-brainer.  With the contacts we have and my producing and directing experience, it was a natural progression from our popular Facebook live sessions. But the reality is that no podcast is a ‘mic on, press record, tidy up the umms and ahhs and publish’ affair. The best ones make it sound like it – but trust me, none are. So working out how to fit it around the day job, with high enough production values to satisfy a content-making listener without costing us too much in time (or money!), was the real challenge. But hey – I’m not asking for a medal… my partner Rosie and I were passionate about doing it so we made it work. 

This season – our second in what we hope will become a sustainable ongoing weekly podcast at some point – we were able to show the last series to the guests we were approaching. Sometimes that’s good and sometimes it isn’t… But I’m pretty confident it was the former because I’m so happy with our bookings. As before, I wanted to include an eclectic mix of people still very much on the coalface of making, as well as those with decades of experience looking back on what they’ve done, in all kinds of jobs from all kinds of backgrounds. 

Mostly, it feels like a total privilege to listen to best in class, super senior and successful talent talk honestly about their insecurities for the sake of others who may be experiencing the same challenges. They’re trusting not just me with their stories and raw emotions, but anyone who finds us. It’s humbling, and humanising. And the whole point! 

When I take off the headphones, sweaty headed and off mic, I’m often straight back into the reality of a client or candidate call, excited but unable yet to tell them what I’ve gleaned from my latest probing conversation. So it’s the biggest kick to be able to deliver that potentially career and life-changing chat right to your ears, and I couldn’t be happier about it 😊  

The Imposter Club season 2 drops Tuesday 12th September on your usual podcast app. 

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