A Little Note to Say…

Wed 12 Aug 2020 | Opinion | 0 comments

Thank you. Yep – that is all. And this is why:

It’s been a tough few months, hasn’t it?

Something we’ve always known at TP is how important our community of freelancers is to us. To the industry. We’ve been working hard to stay in touch with you all over this period in a variety of ways –  with blog posts, via personal emails or calls, and with our Facebook Live Sessions which we hope have inspired and brought about a sense of togetherness. It’s never enough though – so we continue to work hard, reply to emails and strive to improve our service to you all day by day.

Many ‘can they start Monday?’ searches have been actioned whilst young kids whinge, draw or play on the iPad next to us (sometimes simultaneously), and many a Zoom interview has been gatecrashed by a small human needing a drink/a snack/a wee. At one point, one of the team was handling a house sale & purchase during lockdown, with both kids at home, and an ill partner, amidst shortlisting for three Head of Department roles… Everyone who’s experienced (put up with?!) these moments with us has been amazing – both clients and candidates alike.

So as everyone attempts to take a Summer break – be it a staycation or hopeful escape further afield with spare masks & sanitiser aplenty, we just wanted to drop you a note to say THANK YOU. For joining in with our sessions, for staying in touch despite the background noise, for coping over this incredibly stressful period. We literally couldn’t do our jobs without you.

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*Talented People is an Equal Opportunity company and welcomes applicants from all backgrounds and circumstances.*

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