Happy New Year, Talented People

Sun 5 Jan 2020 | News | 0 comments

It’s the start of a new decade, and whatever your career plans or aspirations, we hope you smash it in your very own way.

We welcomed some major new clients onto our books in 2019 and storm into 2020 with a whole ream of new jobs on our board (check them out here), and many more that we can’t openly advertise. Shh.

Actually, have you visited our website recently? You can meet the TP team, see the kinds of production companies we work with, the type of roles we recruit for and read insightful and good-humoured blogs about TV industry topics, events and series we’re staffing / watching. Maybe you should bookmark us (does anyone do that anymore?), but whatever you do, make sure you join our 5000 plus followers across our social platforms @talentdpeople (lazy links in footer below) to enjoy good chat and get news and job alerts.

So how’s your year been? We’ve been asking for feedback on our work – something we strive to do for our candidates after interview too – and one of our favourite quotes from a freelancer this year was that we ‘always have the most exciting projects’ to approach them with. Another proud moment was when a client told us that our shortlist for their senior staff hire was ‘the most impressive we’ve seen in a very long time, if ever’.

So, with a spring in our step, and many more ambitions of our own this year, let’s welcome in 2020 and all its new challenges!

Whether you’re a content maker hoping to be considered for suitable roles, or a potential client looking to meet your next top hire and wondering how we work, we’d love to chat. Candidates: mycv@talentedpeople.tv / Clients: hello@talentedpeople.tv

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Talented People is an Equal Opportunity company and always welcomes applicants from all backgrounds and circumstances.

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