Talented People partners with UKTV to place mid-senior level talent from minority groups

Fri 17 Mar 2023 | News | 0 comments

*Published on Broadcastnow.co.uk on March 10th 2023 – click here for the original article*

We’re proud to announce our new relationship with UKTV and share Broadcast’s article here:

“UKTV partners with Talented People to find people from underrepresented groups”

UKTV has tied with executive search firm Talented People to help it find more diverse mid-to-senior level hires across their full range of productions.

The deal will see Talented People work with UKTV-commissioned indies and UKTV commissioners to screen candidates from diverse backgrounds, including Black, Asian, minority ethnic talent, disabled individuals, those from LGBTQ+ communities and those from low socio-economic backgrounds.

There will be a focus on understanding their backgrounds and ensure they can be appropriately supported throughout the interview process and at work.

“This partnership shows how important representation in creative and decision making roles is to UKTV,” said commissioner Emile Nawagamuwa.

“Talented People are well established industry leaders and genuine champions of diversity.”

Talented People’s joint managing director Kimberly Godbolt said: “With over half the team at Talented People coming from under-represented groups, we have a reputation for a human and respectful approach to staffing, and we’re thrilled to work with a broadcaster taking positive action to improve diversity in content creation.”

Joint managing director Rosie Turner called it a “really important initiative” that will make a “positive difference” to UKTV’s teams.

Potential candidates from under-represented groups are encouraged to follow Talented People on social media, check the jobs board and upload their CV for consideration for roles.

UKTV partnered with Equal Access Network in 2019 to launch the All Voices initiative, which has since been extended to offer 20 under-represented people the opportunity to work across UKTV productions for a year.

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