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Sun 22 Mar 2020 | News | 0 comments

To our brilliant, resilient and talented people – both clients and candidates alike,

In this incredibly difficult period, while we’re all navigating the effects of Covid-19 and what it’s hammering us with both personally and professionally, we’ve decided to focus on what we can do.

We know people. That’s our job, right? And the people we know are influential industry leaders and awesome content makers. So from week commencing 23rd March we’ll be holding Facebook Live sessions to inform, entertain and inspire you… If you can’t make them and join in with your questions at the time they are made available with subtitles for accessibiity to all on our website here.

We’ll be interviewing indie and group bosses over a virtual coffee about how they’re battling the Coronavirus outbreak in their own businesses, their masterplan and their words of wisdom for freelancers right now. We’ll be holding practical sessions with masters of their craft for you to watch and learn from. And we’ll chat to programme makers for the inside track on how they made challenging series – some from the archives and some currently on air.

It’s early days of course so we’re still firming up a schedule, but we have interest from some big names who are friends of Talented People and are keen to get involved. Find and follow us on our socials if you’re not already, and check regularly for announcements on who will be featuring and the welcome distractions you can look forward to from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Hoping a dose of creativity and togetherness can help us get through this surreal and worrying time. In the meantime, stay safe and well, and indoors…

We can do this!

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*Talented People is an Equal Opportunity company and welcomes applicants from all backgrounds and circumstances.*

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