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Here at Talented People, we are always asking about you, so we thought it was only fair we told you a bit more about each of us! Talented People is a tight little bunch of four passionate Talent Managers, all from different backgrounds and corners of the globe, but with one thing in common – an insatiable appetite for great content and the people who make it.

This week: meet our Senior Talent Manager Katie ….

Based: Hertfordshire

First job in TV: Work experience on Question Time – I did a Politics degree.

Worst moment in TV: I forgot to press the sound button when I was filming. It was my first (and only) shooting role and in my defence, I did say I had no clue what I was doing. Thankfully, it was just b-roll and not important.

Career highlight: Moving into talent. Best decision I made.

Personal Life highlight: Going travelling after University and having my kids.

Favourite Food: A roast dinner with all the trimmings.

At the weekend, you’ll find her: Playing a lot of make-believe games with the kids or having a film day, with popcorn of course!

Currently binge watching: I just finished The Serpent and It’s a Sin, loved Schitt’s Creek and now on This Is Us. I also thought American Murder: The Family Next Door and The Last Dance were very well made.

Role at TP: Senior Talent Manager. I work across all the searches here with the team and focus on the development searches as it’s an area I know and love. I am often on the phone chatting to people about roles or just catching up on the sort of roles they are looking for next.

Most likely to say: ‘I’ve already called them’


Next up, Rosie Turner, Joint MD of TP who is enivably based outside of the UK – somewhere that you’ve probably dreamed of living yourself…

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