The Low-down on Lockdown

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We thought we’d check in. Lots of strong words usually unsaid are being used in emails, articles and over the fence from two metres away the world over:

“Challenging, difficult, ruinous, depressing, worrying, impossible, stressful, surreal.”

But also:

“Thankful, perspective, change, collaboration, togetherness, the little things, family.”

Talented People is working with some smart and forward-thinking production companies, organisations and Channels, both on quick turn around and longer term projects that can be made from home, or permanent in-house roles that can and will simply have to shift start date. Fixed rig shoots, with directors outside in the garden, voice-overs in the car with the wider team on a WhatsApp chat listening in from different places. There’s lots of talk about best remote edit producing tech and tricks, with all the pros and cons. Great tales of post-production facilities pulling out the stops to set people up at home. Newly commissioned history and archive docs which will keep some freelancers busy and viewers entertained.

But of course, there’s much less work around. What there is, is different, with a lot more people applying for that one role. So many freelancers are out of work and struggling to find out what, if any, financial support they can claim.  We’ve received an eye watering number of speculative CVs with humble cover notes, and it’s levelling to speak to everyone and share situations and solidarity. We are trying our best to get back to everyone, but we admit that it’s tough to keep up with our own pressures of isolation with small children and demands of this strange new life too.

The good things: At Talented People we’re doing weekly Live Sessions with insightful and senior industry figures on Talented People’s Facebook page. You can watch and join in with questions for free at the time – or watch the ones so far on our new TP Sessions page, from working with Louis Theroux to creating a brand new Channel 4 format, setting up an indie to working on access docs.

New work is still coming in, so watch our social platforms for alerts and apply through our new jobs board on the website where (if you like) you can record a short video cover note.

There are too many people running other great initiatives and support networks to namecheck, but Screenskills and Donna Taberer have done an incredible job to pull off so many free courses so quickly – both TV career related and personal, so look them up if you haven’t already.

Many times over my TV career I’ve said and heard it be said that a seemingly impossible or nightmare-ish scenario is ‘character building’… which can be difficult to hear at the time. But if we can weather this nightmare of storm together, stay healthy in both mind and body, and help each other out wherever we can, we will almost certainly come out the other side stronger in character, more creative, and more positive about the small things in life.

We know we will.

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*Talented People is an Equal Opportunity company and welcomes applicants from all backgrounds and circumstances.*

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