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Here at Talented People, we are always asking about you, so we thought it was only fair we told you a bit more about each of us! Talented People is a tight little bunch of four passionate Talent Managers, all from different backgrounds and corners of the globe, but with one thing in common – an insatiable appetite for great content and the people who make it.

This week: meet our Talent Co-ordinator – Charmaine Kakaga….

Based: Bristol

First job in TV:  Intern at Studio Lambert.   

Worst moment in TV: Caught in a rainstorm on an outside shoot – haven’t forgotten waterproof shoes since!

Career highlight: Winning fastest finger first on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire – it was a practise round but still.

Personal Life highlight: Oh so many! All travel related – living on an island, swimming with plankton, motorbike trips, meeting awesome people.   

Favourite Food: Pastries are my weakness, gyozas are my late night snack.

At the weekend, you’ll find her: Getting lost down a YouTube rabbit hole, reading about something random, learning Adobe and figuring out Clubhouse.

Currently binge watching: Ramy. Loved Drive to Survive. Summer House and Seinfeld are my go-to background shows.

Why the move from production into talent? Databases, people, and social media – what’s not to love? I was keen to learn more about this side of things and work in a role I can grow into with a great team. One of the cool things is getting to read treatments and watch sizzles – a telly lover’s dream!

Role at TP: Credit stalking lots of telly. Calling and shortlisting candidates for roles, handling client calls and keeping TP organised with their admin.

Most likely to say: “Fun fact…”


Next time, meet Kimberly Godbolt, who is Joint MD and hosts the Facebook Live industry sessions many of watch.

(And find out where MD Rosie lives and what she does here and caffeine addict Senior TM Katie here.)

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