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Here at Talented People, we are always asking about you, so we thought it was only fair we told you a bit more about each of us! Talented People is a tight little bunch of four passionate Talent Managers, all from different backgrounds and corners of the globe, but with one thing in common – an insatiable appetite for great content and the people who make it.

This week: meet one of our Managing Directors – Kimberly Godbolt….

Wistful, with tea

Based: Surrey

First job in TV: Work experience on an Esther Rantzen chat show

Worst moment in TV: Losing talkback when collecting a lethargic and jumped up celebrity band from their dressing room to get to the studio for a live performance. I was desperately trying to hurry them up, knowing they would be late without a way to communicate that fact. They were late, an embarrassing live moment ensued and I got a rollicking. That awful moment, or having the best series I ever filmed shelved for legal reasons!

Career highlight: Singing ‘Easy Like Sunday Morning’ around the piano with Lionel Ritchie himself. Maybe setting up Talented People? Close call.

Personal Life highlight: Winning first place in a dance festival for my tap version of Sugar Plum Fairy. Or – eek –  should I say having my kids?!

Favourite Food: A top quality RibEye steak, chunky chips, garlicky green beans. Heaven.

At the weekend, you’ll find her: Out building dens with the children, or in – lighting the woodburner whilst binge watching a series.

Currently binge watching: Funny you should ask! Drama – Lupin. Doc – The Yorkshire Ripper. Comedy – Famalam.

Role at TP: Joint MD with Rosie which means much spreadsheet, admin and numbers joy. The other part of my job is to work across the senior headhunts, as well as to make sure our existing clients are happy, that new clients find us and have the information they need, and that candidates are taken through our fair and responsible staffing process. Hosting Facebook Live sessions, which have been an accidental hit.

Most likely to say: “My tea’s gone cold AGAIN” (mornings) & “Is it beer o’clock?” (afternoons)


You can get to know teammates Rosie, Katie and Charmaine too.

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